OMG where do I start?!?!?! Adrenaline pumping, heart-tugging and I freely admit that I was shouting at the bad guys! My hubby thinks I’m nuts!

Finn has been suffering with PTSD ever since he got rid of the slimebuckets incl SOF who had been in charge of the baby trafficking ring. He is suffering in silence but after a particularly bad episode he withdraws from the team and goes off to help locate one of the babies.

Angie is the PI who has taken on Dasha’s case and her Uncle Sergei is an old friend of her grandfather so the case is personal to her. She sure didn’t expect to feel a strong attraction to the SEAL who descends on her office offering help. But after hearing of his involvement in the case so far, she is glad of his help. But there are other dangers in store from Angie and she is in the sights of more than one bad guy.

Poor Finn! He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders and his internal monologues during his PTSD episodes are enough to make your heart hurt! There is some zingy dialogue between him and Angie and Drake pops in for some comic relief! This series just gets better and better and I’m hoping the Drake is the next mighty warrior to fall in love cos after his comments to Finn he needs to be brought to his knees by a strong woman!!