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August 2016

Rock (Secret Baby Bears #2) by Becca Fanning

Rock is the 2nd of the Shifters to go and find the child that was created using his sperm. It was supposed to be for testing only but now that he has a child he wants to know how he... Continue Reading →


Edward (Rodeo Bears #1) by Becca Fanning

I enjoyed the book but just felt that the story could have been filled out a bit more. Still lost as to why Dakota was on the run and hiding out in Texas! It just meant I didn't quite grasp... Continue Reading →

Summer’s Wolf (Westervelt Wolves #2) by Rebecca Royce

There is a great mix of misunderstandings, self esteem issues, romance and action in this book. I must confess I did take time to warm up to Summer. She was a bit of petulant personality and grated on the nerves... Continue Reading →

✫★✫★ BLOG TOUR ✫★✫★Alison Mello, A Soldier For Bella

#FREEKU #NEWRELEASE #ONECLICK Purchase ↓ US : UK: OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES ↓   ✫★ FREE in KINDLE UNLIMITED ✫★ Saved By a Soldier My Review: My Broken Soldier My Review: Forever My Soldier Amazon UK : Amazon US... Continue Reading →

Wolf Unbound by Amber Ella Monroe

Garrett Justice is an outlaw, a sort of Enforcer, for the pack where his baby brother is Alpha. They have been having problems with a neighbouring pack and he has been dispatched to determine if the pack needs to take... Continue Reading →

Two Hitmen: (Lawless #1) by Alice May Ball

Courtenay can't believe her life has gone so pear shaped. She was coerced into marrying the local prominent family's son, a chance for her family to go up in the world. But fast forward a few years and her outward... Continue Reading →

Alec (Secret Baby Bears Book 1) by Becca Fanning

Alec, a bear shifter, and his friends donated sperm whilst at college. They get called into a lawyers office and the bombshell is dropped that they are all fathers. Bad news is that Talia, who got Alec's sperm doesn't know... Continue Reading →

Vash (Shifters of the Primus #4) by Elyssa Ebbott

Vash is the ultimate assassin. A former colleague of Gage, he has taken on a mission to recover a kidnapped human, Sophie, from slavers. Little did he realise that this would lead to him facing his estranged Slaver father and... Continue Reading →

Marauder Ramses: (Mating Wars #4) by Aya Morningstar

Ramses is a Peacekeeper, who has been given a mission to trace terrorists on Earth. On his way to meet his new human partner he makes a side visit to a lead. When his lead leads to an imminent attack... Continue Reading →

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