Amelia has been living on the colony of Cycle but now works for an ice mining company on Cypher. But when her ship crashes onto the colony of Shaviro, the repairs are going to cost the earth so the leader of the colony basically Shanghais them into carrying out a raid on a local village. But when the raid takes a deadly turn Amelia refuses to engage and ends up captured by the villages leader.

Dracon is the Chieftain of the local tribe and heartsick at the devastation the Humands are wreaking on his planet and his people. It’s time to fight back! But why does he have such a protective instinct towards the human prisoner? She is part of the problem. But when his Shaman sheds light on a potential prophecy Amelia could be a vital part of, Dracon faces unrest from his own people. The Navani are strong and inventive, can Dracon come up with a plan to save his people and Amelia?

I think this is a great start to a new series. New worlds to get immersed in, bad guys to vilify and a new shifter race to fall in love with. Warning there is a cliffhanger – dammit! Snarky,witty banter and whilst set in a sci-fi world, the problems and emotions portrayed are very recognisable ones. Great start!!