Mira has settled into her new life on Primus. Her sister is happy, mated and a mother of cute twins. She was offered a position as ambassador but she felt that it was just Nepotism from Kato, so she declined the position. She takes on a new job, training to be a pilot. But when a missile is fired at her craft and it crashes in the middle of nowhere, she wonders if this was such a smart idea after all.

Pax was king of his tribe but when terrorists struck, after he had befriended them and believed they had seen the error of their ways, he placed himself in exile and awaiting his end. When he sees the shuttle crash he goes to their aid, knowing exactly what awaits them in the monster ridden wastes. When he meets Mira, the sole survivor left standing, he begins to believe that his exile was not quite as bad as he thought!

But as he attempts to return Mira to her sister they uncover a web of treachery, treason and human trickery! Brilliantly written and fast paced little gem. Brilliant banter and steamy scenes are well placed and both of the main characters are endearing!