The reformed magical hothead that is Cenek is back!!! After his disastrous attempt to woo back Jessa, he has somehow been allowed to remain with the pack. He believes it’s cos they like having a warlock on tap! But there is a benefit to this arrangement, he gets to see the fragile Hazel and the adorable Benny.,

Hazel is relieved to have been rescued but her sister is still a captive and has been visiting her in her dreams. But Rowan is asking her to betray their pack! Can she resign herself to the covert information she is giving to her as the only way to save her sister or will the guilt eat her up?

When Cenek offers to return to her pride with her as her “boyfriend” so that her family can save face, he sees the family the Hazel was snatched from and he is not impressed! But when the plans to save Rowan and the other captives escalates and Cenek is called away, can Hazel resist the lure of the prestige that being the mother of the future heir brings her or will her heart and future lie with a certain mercurial warlock?

Cenek is adorable in his dealings with Benny and Hazel. He understands what she had been through and is able to give her the control that she desperately wants but can also dominate her the way she desires. Hazels family is just so…..uppity is the nicest word I can think of!! I’d gladly punch her mum and dad in the face for the way the treat Hazel and Benny. So looking forward to the escapade!