Alex Rojas is the hottest daddy ever! He retired from the military after suffering PTSD and when his exw-fe died he had to be there for Serena (AKA Boom). Now they are settled into a routine at the compound and taking classes in MMA. When Boom hurts herself at class and ends up at the local A&E dept, she starts speaking with Elisa. Alex can clearly see she has issues with fear towards men but is able to direct her towards help, when she turns up at the kennels to return Booms glove.


Elisa never expected to find a job and somewhere to live when she returned Booms glove. But its hard not to accept help from the caring and ever so lovable Boom and her dad. Elisa is on the run from her ex but he always seems to be able to find her no matter what he does. Why does he keep tormenting her? Why not just kill her and get her out of his life all together?

but as she settles into her new life she finds herself falling for the rugged and mostly stoic Alex. Boom is pretty much under her skin too. But when the evil ex makes a reappearance and Elisa is in danger once again, Alex and his badass buddies may be just what she needs to have at her back.

I totally heart this series. The guys all have issues one kind or anther but are sorting their lives out and make a success of their new careers. Boom is just adorable and I love her can-do attitude. I loved the little glimpse into Sophies relationship with the boys and I cannot wait for book 3!!!