Checkers and Anderson get their turn in the spotlight! With jealousy, perceived betrayal, hidden pregnancy and race to secure Ancient Macedonian relics this is an absolute stonker of a read!!! The society that encapsulates Ambra is based on Knights, Dukes and Soldiers from the Medieval period.


Checkers (Aka Kendall) is used to being at HQ dealing with medical emergencies. She never wanted or expected to be put in charge by the Dragon when he took off on his mysterious adventure. But with the stress of that and putting her illicit relationship with Anderson on the back burner to cope, he feels that she whipped the job that should have been his out from under his nose.

I must admit I wanted to slap Anderson at times, he was so stubborn and childish but Checkers could be just as bad and once the back story was fleshed out a bit more I kind of got why they were in such a mess. The whole bickering vibe between Anderson and Eric and Anderson and Ava was really funny (Anderson being the common denominator again LOL)