Unexplored by Anna Hackett

OMG McGrumpypants falls in love!! I love this new series and seeing these rough and ready men and women fall in love. Think Indiana Jones meets Romancing the stone – action/adventure with a slice of hot romance and snarky humour. The camaraderie between the team is very believable and I love the fast pace. Logan is alpha male to the core but hides a soft(ish) centre (well hidden by all that grump!!! Sydney has aced the whole icy CEO persona to cover the fact that she doesn’t even want the job but feels obligated to carry on the family business.

Sid’s brother really turns a corner from the perceived naive, nerdy history buff to grapple with the Silk Road in his own nerdy way. A great way to learn some history whilst you float along in the adventure thrills and spills. These books just get better and better!!

The Protector of Ambra by Lyn Brittan

Melody and Pierce’s foray into the Jungle in search of Chocolate Fraudsters and Olmec Pottery! Pierce is a Doctor but also a man of action. Melody is a chocolatier with a penchant for Fair Trade. Mix together an illicit side trip from HQ with a misguided, naive attempt to track down a shady supplier and its a rollicking good tale!! Pierce may have been privileged but he wants to get his hands dirty! Meldoy was just so helplessly out of her depths, she was a total jink to herself!!!

Ultimate Engagement by Lydia Rowan

Adam and Sloan work at Silver Industries. Sloan may be the office monkey but she is the glue that holds the team together. But when she met Adam she was so nervous she came across as a bit of an ice maiden so he has treated her with a lot of disdain since then. He hates that she gets under his skin!

I dare you not to love Sloan during her dorky moments! Adam was adorably put out when he had to go undercover with the infuriating woman he secretly hankered after!!