Lady Katherine Hardwicke is a woman of many faces. Titled Aristocrat,. Successful businesswoman. Secret relic thief? The Fortunate Buddha appears to have been her latest acquired trinket. But with a long time enemy closing in, will she run out of time to keep a deathbed promise or will her unlikely ally save her?


Jarod Parker was a field agent before being pulled in to being a handler. But when K gets the drop on his agents once too often he re-enters the field. He drops the disguise and persona he uses when dealing with his agents and drops into the life of Lady Katherine as himself (admittedly with a made up back story).

This was very kind of Mission Impossible in feel! Disguises, voice changes etc. However it doesn’t detract from a really well put together story with engaging characters. Jarod is fabulously cocky as the self assured agent who may just have met his match in the tricky Lady K! Katherine is wonderfully inventive in her disguises and ruses to lose the bad guy (and Jarod)!