More than a year ago, a djinn-created plague nearly wiped out all of humanity…


It’s been a year since The Heat ravaged humanity.  The Djinn who had not taken a Chosen have been picking off the random Immune who survived.  Madison Reynolds feels like the only human left alive…maybe she is!  She thought her world ended when her father died from the Heat.  But with his last breath he told her to go to the shelter that his friend and boss had built.  It was made to withstand nuclear war…it should withstand this, right?

Madison makes small journeys from her refuge.  She has seen the occasional human but the last was months ago and there was something about the goy in charge that creeped her out so she stayed hidden.  But when she feels what seems to be an earthquake she ventures out to investigate and is stunned to find a Djinn in downtown Albuquerque, landscaping his new domain!!

Qadim al-Syan, was exiled by the Djinn council.  He may have helped his sister in her nutty plan but he did’t go out of his way to harm humans, he just didn;t stop it either.  But when he comes across the lovely Madison he thinks he’ll keep her for a while and then, once she stops being fun,he’ll drop her off with the other Immune.  But fate has a way of getting in the way of the best laid Djinn plans!!!

The Djinn are back!  I love this series.  It’s so different from Shifters and other PNR genres.  Madison is kick ass in her own very modest and under-the-radar ways!  Qadim had always been such a distant and aloof figure in the other books that I wasn’t sure if I could warm to him as the hero.  But he sufficiently redeemed himself!   He was more deluding himself than anyone has his so called selfish plans devolved more into hiding Madison from other more malevolent Djinn!

It was great to catch up with some of the other Djinn and their Chosen.  Whilst it was good to have read the others in the series, this book is perfectly easy to read as a standalone.  Can’t wait to see what happens next