We are back with my favourite ex-SEALS turned treasure hunters!


Bran and Maddy connected on a visceral level in book 1. They may have only shared a quick kiss but it burned itself to their memory. They email and chat back and forth but neither same ready to take the step and admit they want more. When Maddy uses her philanthropic causes to get to an island nearby the Deep Six HQ, she reaches out to Bran and invites him over. She’ll be safe with a bunch of teenagers as chaperones right?

Bran gets her email late and then dithers as to what he should do about it. After some ragging by the rest of his crew he decide to go. Taking Mason and Alex with him is just good sense..he’s not hiding from his feelings for the little spitfire…is he? But when Maddy gets herself involved in a kidnap plot…yes again…Bran and Mason deploy as a 2 man wrecking crew against the bad guys.

What follows is a fast paced, heart-pumping adventure. I’ve always preferred action to chick lit books and this nicely bridges the two. There are guns and explosions and death defying antics but also warm, passionate encounters (lets just say I’ll never look at a lighthouse in the same manner again!!) I loved the way the characters bonded over movie quotes, totally in my nerd girl comfort zone. The secondary characters aren’t just there as filler, they have their own little story arc going, which I cannot wait to see revealed in all its glory.

Ms Walker writes with wit, warmth and snappy dialogue and I can’t wait for the rest to unfold!