Sean Dryden, was the epitome of the All American dream. He had looks, cute Fiancée and the career he always dreamed of -special-forces pilot. But when his Fiancée, Linnie died in a car accident, he returns to face the ghosts of what could have been. He carries the guilt that it was his fault. They had just broken up and both had known it was no fault of any person, they had just grown apart.


Kentucky Lee is the town bad girl. But somehow Linnie claimed her as her best friend. But Kentucky always had to hide her deepest, darkest secret from her bestie. She loved Sean. She would never have acted on it but she always hoped that when they broke up he would finally see her.

Sean is now on forced mental health vacation and returns home. But when he sees Kentucky again his guilt multiplies. Why is he so drawn to his Fiancées friend? Is it just solace in a familiar figure or does he have deeper feeling than he wants to admit to??

When they give into their passion and events unfold, will the stress of a new relationship drive them apart? Will the new responsibilities heaped on Sean drive him further into the dark place he has found himself?

Wonderfully evocative read. It dealt with the death of friend/fiancée/sister very well and I was soon drawn into the wonderfully mismatched couples new life. Kentucky is a regular firecracker and Sean is wonderfully broken. I loved that they got to cut loose with each other but were not dropped straight into HEA! These too have to work hard for their happy ending.