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July 2016

Dracon by Kylie Gold


Amelia has been living on the colony of Cycle but now works for an ice mining company on Cypher. But when her ship crashes onto the colony of Shaviro, the repairs are going to cost the earth so the leader of the colony basically Shanghais them into carrying out a raid on a local village. But when the raid takes a deadly turn Amelia refuses to engage and ends up captured by the villages leader.

Dracon is the Chieftain of the local tribe and heartsick at the devastation the Humands are wreaking on his planet and his people. It’s time to fight back! But why does he have such a protective instinct towards the human prisoner? She is part of the problem. But when his Shaman sheds light on a potential prophecy Amelia could be a vital part of, Dracon faces unrest from his own people. The Navani are strong and inventive, can Dracon come up with a plan to save his people and Amelia?

I think this is a great start to a new series. New worlds to get immersed in, bad guys to vilify and a new shifter race to fall in love with. Warning there is a cliffhanger – dammit! Snarky,witty banter and whilst set in a sci-fi world, the problems and emotions portrayed are very recognisable ones. Great start!!

Marauder Aegus: (Mating Wars#3) by Aya Morningstar


Anya is on the run from her father, the Tsar of Venus. He wants to marry her off to some boring, elderly Baron and she is having none if it. But when the ship she smuggled herself on board is later hijacked by a big purple alien, she knows she is safer with him than her fathers guards! But when the plan to return to her fathers palace and get him to listen to Aegus plan of survival goes pear-shaped, Anya and Aegus flee for their lives, but not before making an ally of two.

Stranded on one of the floating jungles Anya and Aegus need to convince the locals the benefit of joining their cause and giving up their semi peaceful existence.

Thrills and spills galore in this 3rd outing with the Bear shifting Purple hotties! Anya is a princess with a heart and mind of her own. Aegus is a master planner and is strategy for fending off the enemy faction is….AMAZING! The book is a quick read but it does actually span quite a length of time so it doesn’t feel like a quick read. As usual the characters are larger than life but still wonderfully down to earth. Aegus is overprotective and oh so good in the bedroom! Anya has a streak of vengeance that won’t be silenced – she is no damsel in distress!

Marauder Fenrir: (Mating Wars#2) by Aya Morningstar


Fiona and Fenrir’s story.

Fenrir has awoken from his hibernation and his self imposed mission of redemption involves killing Aegus and Cygnus!

Fiona has finally made it off Earth but she wonders if she made the right choice. Her captain is a sleazeball and the rest of the male crew are at best neutral and at worst hostile towards their only female crew member. When the captain gives an order to fire on a ship filled with civilians, Fiona refuses and gets stuffed in a bag! When their ship is boarded by a huge purple, but oh so hot, alien Fiona decides he’s the best of a bad bunch and helps them escape.

Oh I heart this series so much. Purple is my favourite colour so purple hotties who can change into bears are just so my new fave kind of shifter!

Descent (The Immortal Chronicles #1) by Sloane Murphy

Paranormal with a hint of Dystopia but enough present day things to keep you grounded!

The human world has crumbled and they are now aware of all things Fae, Vampyr and Demon! This world was just so easy to love. It was a mix of old, new and paranormal. With trauma, treason, tragedy and a slightly awkward love interest/triangle to boot. There are twists, turns, red herrings, OMG moments and dammit a cliffhanger of sorts! Addie is a kickbutt female and if any woman was going to be the first in the Guard it will most definitely be her!

Whilst a dual POV it is easy to keep track of who is speaking and some of the segments overlap so you see the same scene from both POV. Addie is snarky, funny and tough but with a core that cares for those she lets near. Xander is mysterious, deadly and way out of his depth when it comes to dealing with headstrong Addie!

Wonderful new series and can’t wait to see what happens next!


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Rebel Pax: Shifters of the Primus Book 2 by Elyssa Ebbott


Mira has settled into her new life on Primus. Her sister is happy, mated and a mother of cute twins. She was offered a position as ambassador but she felt that it was just Nepotism from Kato, so she declined the position. She takes on a new job, training to be a pilot. But when a missile is fired at her craft and it crashes in the middle of nowhere, she wonders if this was such a smart idea after all.

Pax was king of his tribe but when terrorists struck, after he had befriended them and believed they had seen the error of their ways, he placed himself in exile and awaiting his end. When he sees the shuttle crash he goes to their aid, knowing exactly what awaits them in the monster ridden wastes. When he meets Mira, the sole survivor left standing, he begins to believe that his exile was not quite as bad as he thought!

But as he attempts to return Mira to her sister they uncover a web of treachery, treason and human trickery! Brilliantly written and fast paced little gem. Brilliant banter and steamy scenes are well placed and both of the main characters are endearing!

Lion for Convenience (Carver City Shifters #3) by Lyra Valentine


The reformed magical hothead that is Cenek is back!!! After his disastrous attempt to woo back Jessa, he has somehow been allowed to remain with the pack. He believes it’s cos they like having a warlock on tap! But there is a benefit to this arrangement, he gets to see the fragile Hazel and the adorable Benny.,

Hazel is relieved to have been rescued but her sister is still a captive and has been visiting her in her dreams. But Rowan is asking her to betray their pack! Can she resign herself to the covert information she is giving to her as the only way to save her sister or will the guilt eat her up?

When Cenek offers to return to her pride with her as her “boyfriend” so that her family can save face, he sees the family the Hazel was snatched from and he is not impressed! But when the plans to save Rowan and the other captives escalates and Cenek is called away, can Hazel resist the lure of the prestige that being the mother of the future heir brings her or will her heart and future lie with a certain mercurial warlock?

Cenek is adorable in his dealings with Benny and Hazel. He understands what she had been through and is able to give her the control that she desperately wants but can also dominate her the way she desires. Hazels family is just so…..uppity is the nicest word I can think of!! I’d gladly punch her mum and dad in the face for the way the treat Hazel and Benny. So looking forward to the escapade!

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