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July 2016

Dracon by Kylie Gold

Amelia has been living on the colony of Cycle but now works for an ice mining company on Cypher. But when her ship crashes onto the colony of Shaviro, the repairs are going to cost the earth so the leader... Continue Reading →


Marauder Aegus: (Mating Wars#3) by Aya Morningstar

Anya is on the run from her father, the Tsar of Venus. He wants to marry her off to some boring, elderly Baron and she is having none if it. But when the ship she smuggled herself on board is... Continue Reading →

Marauder Fenrir: (Mating Wars#2) by Aya Morningstar

Fiona and Fenrir's story. Fenrir has awoken from his hibernation and his self imposed mission of redemption involves killing Aegus and Cygnus! Fiona has finally made it off Earth but she wonders if she made the right choice. Her captain... Continue Reading →

Descent (The Immortal Chronicles #1) by Sloane Murphy

Paranormal with a hint of Dystopia but enough present day things to keep you grounded! The human world has crumbled and they are now aware of all things Fae, Vampyr and Demon! This world was just so easy to love.... Continue Reading →

****PreOrder for Blackmail and Lace by Tracy A Ward!!!*****

Look what's available for preorder!! Get your copy of Blackmail & Lace now!

****PreOrder for Beyond Lace by Mia London!!****

💚 Get ready for a fun ride with a sexy man from Beyond Lace.💚 Blake and Charlotte have undeniable chemistry. You'll be dying to know what they will say or do next, you won't be able to put this book... Continue Reading →

Rebel Pax: Shifters of the Primus Book 2 by Elyssa Ebbott

Mira has settled into her new life on Primus. Her sister is happy, mated and a mother of cute twins. She was offered a position as ambassador but she felt that it was just Nepotism from Kato, so she declined... Continue Reading →

Lion for Convenience (Carver City Shifters #3) by Lyra Valentine

The reformed magical hothead that is Cenek is back!!! After his disastrous attempt to woo back Jessa, he has somehow been allowed to remain with the pack. He believes it's cos they like having a warlock on tap! But there... Continue Reading →

*****Preorder for Hard Men of the Rockies #3!!!****

Get ready for the sparks to fly when girl-next-door meets hot football star. Leather & Lace is available for pre-order!

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