Whooop!!! Hell Squad is back and just gets better!!! The Gizzida may have found the base but the gang made it to the Enclave by the skin of their teeth. They are settling well with the others, with only a little grumbling.


Mackenna (AKA Mac) may only be a teeny tiny thing but don’t let that fool you – she is a full on hard as nails soldier. She can fell those who underestimate her with ease. She has always felt out of place and having to prove herself. But she finally feels at home with the girls and Roth.

Nikolai is an artist and part of the management team at the Enclave. He always thought the President was duplicitous but did not realise the extent his genocidal self importance. Now helping to run the Enclave with Holmes and the other survivors from the base he is unsure why the lovely Mac is skittery around him. He knows they are attracted to each other – why won’t she give in to it? Mac seems to have put Niko in a box that says “management” and doesn’t think he’ll understand her soldier, rough edged ways and will want to changer her or get her to leave the job she loves.

But what’ll will she do when she finds out the she and Niko are more alike than she can comprehend?

I loved being back with my fave super soldiers! It was great to catch up on the gang and what has been happening since Holmes and the crew made it to the enclave. It was lovely to see the heat between Niko and Mak unfurl and as both of their secrets and longings are unwrapped we finally understand what makes them tick. Snappy banter as usual between our family like crew and a little sneaky peak into what’s coming for a certain pilot! Finn is in for a bumpy ride! Another action packed, adrenaline fuelled read! Can’t wait for the next!