Olivia (Ollie) Dormier has been in exile in Montana for 2 years. After her rebels attempt to overthrow the Head Reaper failed, he killed her mother and she and her father were banished from Quebec. She has not seen Brent, her lover/personal soul carrier, in 2 years except in her dreams.


When her deathmark is applied by someone other than her, she is recalled to headquarters and sent to be a negotiator on the head guys behalf. What exactly is he up to? Is she a hostage? Cannon fodder in the way with there Trivials that have been appearing?

Poor Ollie!!! She may be awakening as a Master Scrivener, but her new powers seem to be less than reliable and she’s having dream talks with Brent! Has she finally flipped?

LOving the continuing saga of Brent and Ollie. With a liberal helping of good bad guys or bad good guys, your brain is constantly switching from who you think is an ally and who is a foe. Ollie is endearingly flawed and Brent is southern charm wrapped in a reaper wrapper!!! Fab read!!