Kirby Swallow has lost her entire family, except for her estranged half-sister. When Frankie calls her in a panic stating that people are trying to kill her, Kirby lets her hide out in her home and she becomes her near identical sister to track down the bad guys.


When she arrives on the ranch that her sister will one day inherit she finds things not quite as cut and dried as Frankie made out. Seth Maguire is the ranch manager with ambition, Ms Bea seems to have an almighty hate for Frankie and cousin Eenie seems to be teetering on the brink on ill-health. Could any of these people actually be willing to hurt Frankie? Were they responsible for the disappearance of Frankie’s mother?

Well written and exciting read. Will family feuds, mis-represented facts and an ill-timed attraction with the main suspect!!! Lots of twists and turns and I loved the heat between Kirby and Seth