As per usual I come across an amazing series and find out its the last in the series and I now need to go read everything back to front!!! Whilst this was a series of books, this book easily stands alone as enough of the characters backstory is given so that you know what has come before.


I loved the fact that these characters all have flaws. Whether PTSD, a physical disability,or something as trivial as perceived ageism. Kendra may be older than the usual heroine but she is feisty, beautiful and intelligent. Neil may look like young playboy but he is 32 and a seasoned soldier and IT specialist. He sees Kendra as the sexy woman of his dreams. He doesn’t care that she is a bit older than him, he just wants her. If he could just get past those barbed wire topped 20ft high walls she has erected around herself where he is concerned!

With stalking, kidnapping, serial killer on the loose and burgeoning love, this tale is chockablock and explosive. I loved the fast pace and the dual POV. You get to see what is going on in each characters head. Kendra attracting the wrong guy has such a monumental effect on not only her but her family and friends too.

The bad guy is totally creepy and I could feel my skin crawl when we finally caught up with him. I loved that the story didn’t just end with his capture and the survivors being found. We got to see Kendra’s recovery and the final blossoming of her and Neil’s relationship.

The wishlist just got longer by adding all the previous books in this series to it!!! Awesome book and well worth a read!