Callum is the adrenaline junkie, death defying stunt loving part-owner of Treasure Hunter Security. he feels he has to live life to the fullest after the death of his buddy. When he is sent to Cambodia to help protect an expedition to find a lost temple with a bunch of archaeologists he thinks it’s just one in another long line of jobs. Little does he know that the most spine tingling journeys aren’t necessarily spent hanging from rock faces!!


Daniela Navarro is a child of privilege but she ran from her pampered life style. She was sick of being an object that got wheeled out at functions and then promptly forgotten about. She learned the hard way that “love” is to easily banded about, especially by men. Men like Cal!! This tightly muscled warrior may be just what the team needs to protect them but she can handle herself just fine!!! She is tagging along to take shots of the ancient site. But as the callous Silk Road thieves rear their heads again, Cal and Dani face more action than even Cal feels comfortable with. When they finally call in the Cavalry they have to stay alive long enough to be saved!

Cal continues in the rip roaring style I’m becoming accustomed to in this new, earth bound, adventure series. He is a brilliant mix of alpha but caring and supportive! Dani is defo able to take care of herself but she does tend to stand in her own way, cutting off relationships before they can break her very fragile and much repaired heart!!! I’m so looking forward to Logan’s story – old McGrumpypants himself LOL!!!