Bianca finally has her PI licence and with the help of Taz, has a thriving business. Along with her former fellow St B inmates, and Taz’s “brothers” B-Squad Security and Investigations is doing quite well. But as with anything in life with the sweet there has to be the sour. Bianca knew everything was too good to be true but she never expected Taz past to come back and bite her in the butt, especially not an EXWIFE that she didn’t know he had!!!


Taz can’t believe Tamara is back and causing mayhem yet again. When she drops her little extortion demands he gets a friend to do little digging to see what she is really up to. Add to the still missing Gidget mystery and the timing could not have been worse! Genie’s wish is still out there and when he and the furious Bianca go undercover at a Hedonist resort, they find that another strain is out there.

Will they finally find Gidget and figure out who the elusive mastermind behind Genie’s Wish is? What is their tie to Bianca and the rest of her girls? Will Taz ever be able to get Bianca to trust him again?

Fast and furious and funny!!!! B-Squad are all unique and I love who the two posses have melded into one big mad extended family. Complete with insults, practical jokes and revenge plots!! Remind me never to pee off Elise, that woman is scary with wax in her hand! Bianca is waaaaay more understanding and courteous to Tamara that I’d ever be! Looking forward to the rest of the series.