The Night deals with the action packed, nailbiting adventure over the course of a single night. Paranormal flavour to some deep themes with Kinsley, our flawed, but courageous heroine.


Whilst there was 2 main male characters that she could have chosen to entangle herself with and become a compact love triangle, there was never any real doubt who Kinsley would be with. Mac and Charming are more than just fluff to fill the pages, they each have a definite role to play in the unfolding adventure. There are more layers than in an onion to this story. With kick ass friends she can rely on when her less than supportive mother shoehorns into her life, Kinsley is a really lovable character who you will be rooting for.

With a bittersweet ending it may not be the HEA you expect but it will certainly pack a wallop!