Charmed in Vegas series continues with Kai and Adara!


Kai Moana is a Kahuna or oceanic demi-god, currently on punishment detail in dry, arid Vegas. When he let his jealousy override his common-sense when dealing with his ex-girlfriends bad behaviour, his elders took a dim view. He is banished from all things oceanic until further notice. Now working as a house Detective at the Posiedon casino, he has been eyeing the lovely Adara from afar.

Adara is the daughter of a love nymph and a fire demon – an explosive combination! She’s used to fading into the background. She uses her empathic powers to weed out the cheats and bad apples. BUt when her extra senses go on the blink, she has to rely on her intuitive mind and the help of a certain sex-on-legs hottie to help.

Murders, hexed food and gruesome deaths begin to take their toll and after a a gruelling night Kai and Adara find more than the bad guys – they are mates!!

Kai is wonderful as the remorseful but still passionate demi-god and Adara is the epitome of Ms Invisible to all but her mate. Adara’s parents are an absolute hoot. With the appearance of an actual, live, fairy godmother she has more than a few secrets to ferret out from the parental units!