Some of my favourite dragon shifters are back on Earth!! We have come back to when the inhabitants of Quirilixen used a portal to visit Earth and try to find mates. Seanan has his chance and when he arrives he realises things have advanced way beyond what his ancestors could have imagined!


When he manages to stumble into an assault on Jules, he saves the day and is later helped by a family of police officers. When they find him he is in his shifted state so they know he’s not exactly a neighbourhood guy! When he can’t find the portal home, his new family adopt him and help him adjust to 21st century Earth life.

Fast forward a few years and Sean (as he is now known) is a brilliant bounty hunter. When he again meets up with Jules, he finds she is neck deep in trouble. She has become a bit of a vigilante and she” do whatever she needs to do to bring down the local crime boss.

Try as she might there is no shaking Sean this time, not when he realises that she is his mate. He’s just trying to figure out when the best time to tell her that the dino-guy that saved her the first time they met is actually him!

Sean’s character is fabulous as the fish out of water alien, with his use of idiom always just that wee bit out of sync! Jules is a spitfire and not your typical damsel in distress. The cops who adopt Sean are amazing and I really hope they get finagled into another book (maybe their own series please!!!)
Awesome mix of crime, scifi and romance. Can’t wait to see what happens next!