Bas has been an assassin for most of his long existence. He’s is used to being a target but when unknown forces target his little girl, Molly, well there will not be much left of them when he finds them. After her kidnapping he is on high alert so when his one time fling and Molly’s mother reappears from nowhere, he is suspicious at the timing of her return.


Myst never truly wanted to leave her daughter behind but it was not safe to take her with her and she knew Bas would keep her safe. The mental link between mother and daughter surfaced during the kidnap and she just wants to make sure Molly is ok and then she will vanish from her life again, all to keep her safe. But Bas has no intention of letting her go before she answers some big questions!

The Brotherhood are hunting for Myst and the weapon she is prophesied to make for them, which could end all supernatural life, their main goal. With psychotic bad guys, power hungry females and passion filled interludes, this is a hot, hot read.

There are layers to the plot and these will be thread through into further books in the series I hope. The characters are complex and all have their own flaws. Bas may be an assassin but he is still a good guy if you know what I mean???

Chock full of action, adventure, scintillating encounters and sweetness in the form of the adorable Molly. brilliant read!