Gabe MacSweeny has the wanderlust bug but it hasn’t stopped him from being a successful businessman. When he bought a carnival he had no experience of working them but the owner was dying and knew that as a shifter Gabe would protect his “family of freaks”. He has weeded out most of the bad seeds and they are now headed to Prospect Springs, time to check in with the family.


Adeline has a true gift. When she touches someone she can get a glimpse of their soul for lack of a better term. She now uses his gifts as a fortune teller and the carnival is all she really knows. She feels oddly drawn to the new boss, not a good thing when you want to hide out usually in your protected caravan. But when Gabe steps into protect her from an attacker, she unleashes his beast and he wants to claim his mate….now!

I really love this quirky series. It has a kind of steampunk essence to it. I loved meeting Gabe’s somnambulist cousin – he’s a lovable big nerd!!! Adeline was naive but sweetly sexy at the same time. Quick and wonderful read.