This is a short story in length but actually takes place over 1 year in time. It is smouldering hot and intense passion and at turns sweet and sad also.


Caleb has returned to town due to his dad’s ill-health. He has been working on various ranches and is quite glad to be home. When he rocks up to the cafe on Valentines night, he doesn’t expect to see the sweet but Sexy Cora.

Cora is smart and determined to get out of her hometown. She lusted after Caleb in school, but he barely noticed her as she was the smart freshman in his Senior classes. But he definitely sees her now. They decide to make this a night to remember and they sneak off to a makeout spot and he literally rocks her world.

She’s off to college in a few months and whilst she won’t miss small town life too much, she may just regret Caleb walking into her life when they only have a short time together.

I loved that although they are both young, they are very sure of what they want and where their priorities lie. They make their long distance love work to a certain extent by not making too much of it to begin with, poor Cora even tries to let him off the hook but Caleb is not going anywhere. I loved the way the couple finally managed to make a plan and get what they both wanted, without anyone losing out on what they wanted/needed. Great read!