This is another new to me author and I’m glad I got the chance to review this high octane, fast paced, bullet dodging adventure at its finest! With sharp snappy dialogue, hero with a killer smile and cocky can-do attitude and a heroine with a stronger backbone than she gives herself credit for.


Garrison, Texas Ranger extraordinaire, is working undercover as a waiter at a Mafia shindig. He’s there to extract some Mafia Wives but before he can get the job done, bullets start flying and his marks end up dead. A Sheer twist of fate prevents there being three dead bodies instead of two.

Kenderly (not so keen on the name I must admit) is the hairstylist of said Mafia wives and invited along to the shindig. When she is cleaning up in the bathroom, the killer strikes and almost executes her too but she is saved by a knight in a tux! As they make their way to safety Kenderly learns who Garrison really is and there begins their intense adventure.

Something for just about everyone to love: warring Mafia Clans, corrupt cops, handsome heroes and snarky, witty repartee between our hero/ine. Whilst Kenderly is clearly out of her depth she is more than willing to get stuck in and save her handsome hero, even whilst he’s doing his best to get her OUT of trouble!

I read this in one sitting and am really looking forward to the others in the series!