Elise Daniels is short and curvy. Having been dumped by her unfeeling, sleazebag ex when she caught him cheating on her, but still subjected to working at the same office with him every day, her fragile confidence has taken a knock.


Max Tendor is the alpha of his Tiger Streak. He worked his way up from nothing and now owns the casino being visited by Elise and her friends. He’s been grumpy to say the least lately, wanting to find his mate and settle down. But when he literally bumps into Elise and her friends his tiger becomes real pushy!! He’s used to women only wanting him for his cash or his status amongst his kind. Elise knows nothing of the supernatural world and he finds her refreshing.

But his greedy tiger leads him to doing some really over the top things to get some alone time with her! I felt kinda sorry for the guy who outwardly has everything he wants but still feels he needs to use magic tricks to get alone time with a pretty girl. Add in some double dealing subordinates, power hungry succubus and you have another smashing read in this wonderfully novel series.

As much as I loved Max and Elise, Nikolai did kind of steal the show. I so hope he gets his own book after all the ribbing he gave Max! Elise handled the big “shifter reveal” with more aplomb than I would!