And I’m back in the adrenaline pumping world of Lost and Found, Inc! And what a way to immerse yourself back with the Wolfe Pack. Jack is still recovering from the surgery to remove his brain tumour as the story begins. He carries the guilt of his actions when he was “Johnny Darling”, even though he truly cannot be held accountable for them. He decides to move to his Aunts ranch and recover. He silently slips away and essentially isolates himself and his guilt away.


Fast forward a few years and Jake’s body may have recovered but he is still feeling the guilt. When a natural disaster strikes nearby and he goes to offer assistance he never imagined he’d meet Holly there. He has done his best to forget her and what he did to her but here she is acting like he’s some kind of hero and not the monster that he believes he is.

But when Holly once again finds herself in danger from a psychotic madman and his hitman brother, Jake is the only one that Holly calls on. She knows he will keep her safe.

I love this series. It’s gritty without being too dark and the characters are all important to the story, they’re not just there for window dressing. Ms Alexander writes nutjobs like no-one else I know LOL. I truly had my skin crawl when reading about Angel (that’s gotta be the worst misnomer ever!) and his equally psychotic brother Ivan. I loved the irony of Jake reeling from guilt for his actions towards Holly and then through the story Holly doing the exact same thing, absorbing guilt for what she could not really control.

There was a really high body count in this one. The most fear inducing scene was in Suzanne’s apartment (no spoilers). My heart was in my throat and I almost cried in relief by the time the scene was over.

So glad that Jake finally got to have his story told. Holly was the perfect foil to his brooding nature. She was capable, empathetic and effervescent even after all she had been through and ready to embrace what she felt towards Jake. So looking forward to more in this series!!!!