Marcus 582, former super soldier and “cyber husband” is still getting used to being released from the hell that was his life for the last 10 years. So what if he’s grumpy and distant? He lost his wife and family when they thought he was dead and he still can’t decide what he wants from his new life. His one highlight is looking after Rachel as she goes to and from work.


Rachel is also an enhanced human, although in her case it wasn’t done voluntarily. Evil Brandon mucked about with her and made her into his own little monster. She now hates what he did to her, including taking her voice from her. Her processor is failing but to fix her she’d need further upgrades, the last thing she wants is to become more Cyborg. Even though she helps restore them all day, she isn’t ready to take that final step towards what she thinks will be losing more of her humanity. Marcus feels to old and broken to be good for Rachel and Rachel can’t understand her fascination with the looming, forbidding cyborg. But when secret cybernetic experiments rear their ugly heads, Marcus and Rachel have bigger worries on their hands.

Whilst set in the future, the various gadgets of the day make you feel like you are in just a different Earth from now. The characters are engaging, funny and endearing. Marcus is the fabulously grizzled round the edges cyborg. Rachel was a wee bit harder to like but I got there. Their romance is more of the “life keeps getting in the way” kind rather than Instalove/lust kind which was a nice change too. Can’t wait to read the next!