Taylor is the epitome of hardworking and stubborn. She hates asking for help and wants to be independent but at what cost??? She seems to want a relationship but only on her terms. She lusts after Colt, local dive boat owner, who she sees as a great man. He is also a strong presence in his son’s life and she admires him for that but is put off by his playboy attitude.


Colt is still stinging from his divorce. He likes female company but doesn’t want to put his son through the wringer again and refuses to take on a long term relationship. He thinks Taylor could change his ways but he’s not ready to label themselves as anything other than friends. He admires Taylor but knows she only wants a long term relationship and he’s just not ready for that yet.

They have a rocky way to get to their HEA. Think tropical storms, parental custody and jealousy at inopportune moments! You will alternately want to strangle and cuddle Taylor for letting her own obstinacy get in her way! Colt is king of the faux pas and you can just tell that he only keeps putting his foot in it because he actually wants that long term relationship he keeps saying he doesn’t!!!!