Bianca may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth but that didn’t protect her family from tragedy and dysfunction. When she was shipped off to St B’s boarding school when she eleven, she formed her own family. Fellow misfits banding together over their hatred of the school. But when the school is shut down and they scatter, she feels the loss of her friends.


Deciding to do something more worthwhile with her life than being a lady who lunches, Bianca sets out to be the most bad@&* PI she can be. When she lands at Taz’s gym, she can’t believe her luck. He’s tall, built and droolworthy but so off limits it hurts! But when her friend goes missing she can’t rely on anyone but her to find out what happened. When she goes undercover at a high society “adult” club she did not expect to walk into Taz!

Taz was a well known and successful boxer. But after his mentor died and he feels responsible, he settles after taking over his gym. He lusts after a client but sates himself with some adult entertainment. When he sees Bianca he just abouts has a coronary but when she quickly fills him in on Gidgets disappearance, she finds herself with a new partner!

But when the after effects of a drug given to them without their knowledge leads to some interesting after party antics, they both realise that this “thing” they feel is two sided and go with it. As the danger mounts and the leads stack up to who is involved in Gidgets disappearance, more faces from Bianca’s past pop up in the most unlikely places, with their own links to Taz and his “brothers”.

Brilliantly well written with characters with their own little foibles. I loved Taz and his reluctantly possessive attitude LOL. Bianca could have come over as a ballbuster but she was emotionally fragile and that took some of her edge off. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the B-Squad series.