Jenny and Dev were a great match. The quirky, small in stature, mighty in action and with mad computer skilled Jenny paired with the 7ft tall, man mountain, gentle soul of Dev. He may be able to quell small countries with his size but all he does is make Jenny feel safe!


Jenny decides to take on some adhoc work with BSB, even after vandalism outside and getting locked in a safe room on her first day! Dealing with her Animal Plant addiction and feeling the anxiety of essentially being a single parent due to her ex regressing to teenager status, the poor woman had a lot to deal with. She and Dev handle both of their home lives with aplomb and all their kids are adorable and well adjusted.

Jenny’s inner diatribes were really funny cos I do exactly the same thing! Dev is a sweetheart, wrapped in a superhero like wrapper! Brilliant blend of humour, action/adventure and romance, with a lovely side order of sweetness in the shape of Sam and Jacob!!