Mia is a survivor. She survived the rape she endured as a teenager and now she is trying to survive being back in her home town. It’s the first time she has returned for any length of time since her parents died. The house needs work and she has some major writers block to get through. TH screenplay is very personal to her…it’s her story out there for all to see. She didn’t expect to enjoy being home but she was looking forward to seeing old friends. Little did she know her arrival would stir up a hornets nest of trouble.


Tate (or preferably Bear) is newly medically discharged from the Army and a new hire at the Brotherhood Protectors. He’s living with Hank and Sadie whilst the business takes root and he hates freeloading. But when the enchanting Mia arrives in the dead of night after a break in at her house, he finds himself on babysitting duty. Posing as her handyman, he can say close to her and find the scumbag who is terrorising her.

As the story unfolds we learn that Mia’s rapist is back and is attacking others. As the terror he subjects Mia to rises and others are pulled into the web, Mia and Tate are determined to find him and out an end to his reign of terror.

I hadn’t read any of the others in this series and did not feel at a disadvantage. There was enough back story that I didn’t get lost. Tate is undeniably hot and a sweetie to boot! A man who can work with his hands in more ways than one! Mia was not a weak, weepy, woman. She has learned how to protect herself and is willing to go down fighting to stop her attacker hurting others. Fantastic read!!