Bethany Wilkerson is sick and tired of being the good girl. This English teacher wants to unleash her inner bad girl. When she is paired with Ken at her step-brothers wedding, she thinks she had found the perfect guy to go wild with. She wants an escapade to remember, rather than the usual encounters she would love to forget.


Ken Hawkins is trying to reform himself. He still sees himself as the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the hustler who happened to fall in with Zane and make a success. He’s definitely the wrong guy for Bethany and he’ll do what he can to protect her from himself. But when she flees the wedding and then evades him for the next couple of months he hopes she has moved on. When Beth has to go to Chicago to help with her students art exhibit she gets stranded. Ken offers her a place to stay and she finally gets her man!

But love does not run smooth for this pair!!

I loved Ken. He couldn’t see himself as anything but the teenage hustler he used to be. He may have money, an apartment and manage an artist but he can’t see as the innate nice guy he actually is. Bethany is lovely as the girl who just wants to enjoy an….liaison once in her life. She’s sick of guys not coming through and wants to experience a night to remember.

They had a lovely, convoluted, complicated courtship and I loved following their story. Wonderfully descriptive writing and the passion these two exude could scorch the page! I hope there will be more in this series soon!!!