Finally we catch up with the wily Rylie and the heartstoppingly gorgeous Dare!!!!


Rylie has packed a lot into her young life. She is caretaker for 3 children and works to support them. But like the superhero she is, her alter ego is also on the trail of a hum trafficking ring. She is close to having enough evidence to take them down..permanently. If only her foster brother hadn’t got his friend to snoop in her hard-drive! He contacted Lydia and now she has the Midnight Delta team tramping all over her one woman crusade!

Darius (aka Dare) has been hunting for the elusive and alluring Rylie since their brief meeting 6 months ago. He’s been out of sync since. But when Rylie’s brother sends out a Mayday, he gets his chance to step in and play bodyguard/boyfriend. When the plan takes them undercover on an isolated island he hopes that he can finally get Rylie to admit that they have a strong connection and maybe get her to let loose enough to date him.

I loved this story. Rylie is an old soul in a young body. I don’t know many 22 years old who could deal with everything she does! I loved the little snippets of her at home being nothing but big sister to her little family. Sawyer is such a great teenager, I wish mine was more like him! Dare may have the playboy image but once he set his mind on Rylie, he was a man on a mission. I adored him for seeing through Rylie’s tough façade and taking their evolving romance slowly.

With bad guys you’ll love to loathe, SOF and LL (no spoilers!!!), the planed rescue of girls being trafficked, the action is non stop but the storyline is very emotion filled and I’ll admit I had a lump in my throat at the conditions the girls were existing in. Rylie is a total bad%&% and deserves her little slice of happiness. Dare may take things slowly but when he pans his final assault on Rylie’s heart, he goes full throttle and has all the pieces in place before storming her castle!!

I can’t wait for the next!!!!