Genetic research has advanced and is now being used to create super soldiers, but not just the good guys have this ability. The evil Paulson rears his ugly head yet again.


Samara Jones was forced to help Paulson, getting up close and Personal to Adam (Book 1). But she didn’t volunteer for this, her son was essentially kidnapped and she was allowed only limited contact. If she hadn’t done what he wanted he was going to shoot her son.

Chase was one of the soldiers who rescued her and Luca. The rest of the Program is having a hard time separating her from Paulson but he just sees this adorable, smart, sassy female and her wonderful little boy. He’s been sidelined with an injury and is now on babysitting duty. Little did he know that he was going to enjoy it.

Great book and storyline. Whilst set in the world of super soldiers and their various enhancements, we learn that Chase is not enhanced, yet still manages not to disappear amongst the crowds. He works harder than everyone to just keep up. Samara is little hard to bond with just because she is so prickly after her ordeal, but you can;t help feeling sorry for her after all she has gone through.

My heart was definitely stolen by Luca! That boy is just awesomely sweet!!! It was fascinating to watch Samara and Chase stretch themselves past their comfort zones and deal with the various obstacles in their path. I can’t wait for the next!!!