Werewolves with a twist!!!


Erritrol wolves came to Earth from another dimension. Once cursed into their animal form and undertaking dark tasks, they broke free and are now settled. But Khet is struggling. He fears that the monster inside him will surface at any time. To combat this he is refusing to eat meat, in the hope that his veggie diet may weaken the monster.

Delana’s pack is in trouble. A rogue pack has murdered her Alpha and her brother is just too young to lead their pack. She heads towards the new pack on their lands in the hope that they can become allies. Much to her shock the grunting behemoth that is Khet is her mate. When he doesn’t react to her as his mate, she assumes that his pack do not believe in fated mates, but Khet feels the pull but doesn’t want to pull her into his darkness.

Fabulous new read and superb twist on shifter story! Wolves flinging energy balls and evaporating after they die!! Looking forward to more in this series!