Jax has been a bit of a rolling stone throughout his life. Not from choice, more because his alcoholic father was keeping one step ahead of the bills. He never felt more settled than when he lived in Brooklyn. He had friends, the Mancini family, and he had Frankie. He hated leaving her behind but he didn’t get much choice in the matter. As the new LT at the local fire station, he’s hoping that he can find her and make amends.
Becca (AKA Frankie) is a struggling photojournalist. She has a day job but dreams making it to the big time. The other recurring dream is Jax. He’s the main reason no guy makes it past a 3rd date. When she bumps into him in a local bar and he doesn’t recognise her she decides to get some revenge. But afterwards there is no victory dance, just a bad taste in her mouth.


But when he inveigles himself back into her life, they keep ending up naked!!! Will he get through her self imposed 3 date limit? Can he protect her from the greatest threat to their fledgling romance – him?

I loved the way they had almost had love the first time round and through no fault of their own were ripped apart. They are both strong characters (I hate wimpy women who can;t make a decision on their own!) Jax was strong, alpha to the core, but core than happy to prostrate himself and make himself the butt of any ribbing from his colleagues to get what he wanted! Becca was the most hesitant to get involved but ultimately was the one who ended up being all in and fighting for what she wanted.

Great read!