This was my first book by this author but it won’t be my last!!! An exceptionally well written action/adventure/romance.


I read this heart pounding read in one go! Samson is an emotionally broken Alpha male and Angela is the geeky nerd who needs his protection. You’d think they would have nothing in common but in this case opposites do more than attract, they set the page alight!

Samson was slow to realise that Angela may just be what he needs to get over the death of his wife but I do love a slow burner romance. Angela was a danger to herself and others! Never have I met a woman so ready to rush into danger – even though she’d probably theorised every possible outcome at least twice in the nanoseconds she takes to make her decisions! Set in the USA, the action also takes us to lush South Africa and we also see that Angela and Samson are linked in more ways than one and that Samson might just lay some ghosts to rest.

With the emotion filled backstory of Samson and his wife Riley and the boy they wanted to adopt I just loved this from beginning to end!!!