This series just continues to amaze me. The perfect blend of laughter, sexy times and paranormal hijinks!


Elly is having the worst run of luck. First her sleazeball boss stalks her. Then when she finally flees from his creepy self she cannot walk in a straight line without falling over her own feet!! She was a cheerleader for cripes sake!!! But when she is taken under the wing of a showgirl and an Elvis impersonator she thinks she may finally be getting her life back. But the bad luck continues and her friends decide that the sweet but oh so human Elly is being cursed.

Enter Laik, Dragon shifter, and brother of Elly’s roommate. He works for MYTHS and is used to protecting folk from magic gone wrong. But when he meets Elly is Dragon gets all possessive ad he’s stunned when he realises that she is his mate. Dragons don’t mate well with humans, his parents were a great illustration of that. But as he gets to know the sweet Elly he realises that her ex boss is more than a stalker, he’s a warlock with an axe to grind. One he would take great personal pleasure in getting rid of.

The snarky, witty repartee between the characters and a superbly well written story make this one heck of a read! Our heroine is so clumsy (I feel her pain!!!) and Laik is so endearing but still a cranky Dragon!!! I loved meeting the gang at MYTHS and I hope we get to see more of them on their own. Ava the Succubi I think was my favourite secondary character – she is so totally brazen about what she wants!!! LOL I read it all in one go and am anxious to see what unfolds in the next in the series!