Tavian has loved Princess Rose since they were children. He sees beyond her royal façade to the sweet, loving girl that she is. But he knows that although Noble he is not good enough for her and she has been promised to another.


Princess Rose wants Tavian but her royal duty must come first, even if it means marrying someone she doesn’t love. She is a bigger than average Princess, something her so-called friends never tire of telling her. When they dare her to touch a spindle and prove the curse she is under is not real, she caves and finds herself succumbing to the very curse she never really thought was real.

Tavian hates what her friends have done to her confidence but when he hears that she is preparing to do he realises he needs to find a way to prolong his life so that he can wake her when the time comes. Fast forwards 100 years and Tavian has become a bear shifter and is tracking down his lost love.

This was a well written and novel twist on Sleeping Beauty. Fiery passion exists within a sweet story. Tavian shows that he is willing to become anything to save Rose. Rose is wonderfully naive but I really could have clocked her so-called friends!!!! I’m loving this entire series of re-imagined fairy tales!!!!!