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May 2016

(¸.•´ (¸.•`♥RELEASE BLITZ Danielle Donaldson’s Recovery Road


Catalina Montgomery has survived an explosion. She is burned, battered and, suddenly, a widow. Now Catalina is left to wrestle with her grief and depression while raising her young daughter on her own. Only with the help of her friends, including her late husband’s best friend, can she walk back into the sun.

Evan Bowers has shamefully been in love with his best friend’s girl for his whole life. Now that Hudson is gone and Catalina is on her own, his feelings bubble to the surface once again. His haunting past and the shadow of his best friend’s death hangs heavy on his heart. Will he manage to help Catalina through her grief or will he let his own turmoil destroy them both?


Ghosts linger in the shadows but there’s always a chance for love to win in this angst-filled contemporary romance novel.


Wild Cards (Charmed in Vegas #5) by Katalina Leon & Michelle Fox

Charmed in Vegas series continues with Kai and Adara!


Kai Moana is a Kahuna or oceanic demi-god, currently on punishment detail in dry, arid Vegas. When he let his jealousy override his common-sense when dealing with his ex-girlfriends bad behaviour, his elders took a dim view. He is banished from all things oceanic until further notice. Now working as a house Detective at the Posiedon casino, he has been eyeing the lovely Adara from afar.

Adara is the daughter of a love nymph and a fire demon – an explosive combination! She’s used to fading into the background. She uses her empathic powers to weed out the cheats and bad apples. BUt when her extra senses go on the blink, she has to rely on her intuitive mind and the help of a certain sex-on-legs hottie to help.

Murders, hexed food and gruesome deaths begin to take their toll and after a a gruelling night Kai and Adara find more than the bad guys – they are mates!!

Kai is wonderful as the remorseful but still passionate demi-god and Adara is the epitome of Ms Invisible to all but her mate. Adara’s parents are an absolute hoot. With the appearance of an actual, live, fairy godmother she has more than a few secrets to ferret out from the parental units!

Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy

Bas has been an assassin for most of his long existence. He’s is used to being a target but when unknown forces target his little girl, Molly, well there will not be much left of them when he finds them. After her kidnapping he is on high alert so when his one time fling and Molly’s mother reappears from nowhere, he is suspicious at the timing of her return.


Myst never truly wanted to leave her daughter behind but it was not safe to take her with her and she knew Bas would keep her safe. The mental link between mother and daughter surfaced during the kidnap and she just wants to make sure Molly is ok and then she will vanish from her life again, all to keep her safe. But Bas has no intention of letting her go before she answers some big questions!

The Brotherhood are hunting for Myst and the weapon she is prophesied to make for them, which could end all supernatural life, their main goal. With psychotic bad guys, power hungry females and passion filled interludes, this is a hot, hot read.

There are layers to the plot and these will be thread through into further books in the series I hope. The characters are complex and all have their own flaws. Bas may be an assassin but he is still a good guy if you know what I mean???

Chock full of action, adventure, scintillating encounters and sweetness in the form of the adorable Molly. brilliant read!

Hunted by the Dragon by Michelle Pillow

Some of my favourite dragon shifters are back on Earth!! We have come back to when the inhabitants of Quirilixen used a portal to visit Earth and try to find mates. Seanan has his chance and when he arrives he realises things have advanced way beyond what his ancestors could have imagined!


When he manages to stumble into an assault on Jules, he saves the day and is later helped by a family of police officers. When they find him he is in his shifted state so they know he’s not exactly a neighbourhood guy! When he can’t find the portal home, his new family adopt him and help him adjust to 21st century Earth life.

Fast forward a few years and Sean (as he is now known) is a brilliant bounty hunter. When he again meets up with Jules, he finds she is neck deep in trouble. She has become a bit of a vigilante and she” do whatever she needs to do to bring down the local crime boss.

Try as she might there is no shaking Sean this time, not when he realises that she is his mate. He’s just trying to figure out when the best time to tell her that the dino-guy that saved her the first time they met is actually him!

Sean’s character is fabulous as the fish out of water alien, with his use of idiom always just that wee bit out of sync! Jules is a spitfire and not your typical damsel in distress. The cops who adopt Sean are amazing and I really hope they get finagled into another book (maybe their own series please!!!)
Awesome mix of crime, scifi and romance. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

WWV5: A Sons Fate by AK Michaels

•°*•°☆ IT’S ALIVE ☆°•*°•

A gripping addition to The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire series by New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels.

Follow Joey’s journey as he says goodbye to his life of luxury, with doting parents, and a sister he loves in ‘Sin City’. With each passing day he is more unsettled as his Wolf strives to live as its DNA is programmed: within a Pack. After all, it’s not just any Pack he wants. He is determined to join the very Pack that almost killed his father. He has no idea of the hardships ahead, but he faces everything with a deep resolve to gain his dream: Alpha status. Nothing less will suffice, even if he dies trying. Joey will give up everything to win his rightful place and seal his fate.

My review:

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WWV BOOK 4 The Beginning:

Gabe’s Fortune by Mandy M Roth

Gabe MacSweeny has the wanderlust bug but it hasn’t stopped him from being a successful businessman. When he bought a carnival he had no experience of working them but the owner was dying and knew that as a shifter Gabe would protect his “family of freaks”. He has weeded out most of the bad seeds and they are now headed to Prospect Springs, time to check in with the family.


Adeline has a true gift. When she touches someone she can get a glimpse of their soul for lack of a better term. She now uses his gifts as a fortune teller and the carnival is all she really knows. She feels oddly drawn to the new boss, not a good thing when you want to hide out usually in your protected caravan. But when Gabe steps into protect her from an attacker, she unleashes his beast and he wants to claim his mate….now!

I really love this quirky series. It has a kind of steampunk essence to it. I loved meeting Gabe’s somnambulist cousin – he’s a lovable big nerd!!! Adeline was naive but sweetly sexy at the same time. Quick and wonderful read.

★•**•.★ Release Day Blitz & #Giveaway ★•**•.★

Only For A Night by Naima Simone
The Lick Series, Book 1
Release Date: May 30, 2016

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One night would never be enough…
Rion Ward fought hard to be free of the Irish mob life. Now, as the co-owner of Boston’s hottest aphrodisiac club, he’s traded crime for the ultimate sexual fantasy. But when the “good girl” from his past walks through Lick’s doors, he discovers that his unconsummated hunger for her never abated.

Widowed for two years from a man who felt that anything besides the missionary position was dirty, Harper Shaw is ready to move on. The first step to feeling alive again is sex. Hot, dirty, black-out-from-orgasm sex. And who better to provide it than the brooding, sexy, tatted bad boy-turned-man she’s known for years?

Rion, however, has one stipulation: He’ll be hers only for one night. One night to explore her every fantasy. One night to push her limits.  One night to introduce her to a passion that makes both doubt if it will be enough…

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Naima Simone’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey and Linda Howard many years ago. Though her first attempt at writing a romance novel at age 11 never saw the light of day, her love of romance and writing has endured. Now, she spends her time creating stories of unique men and women who experience the dizzying heights of passion and the tender heat of love.

She is wife to Superman—or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent—and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States

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Cowboy Valentine by Mia Hopkins

This is a short story in length but actually takes place over 1 year in time. It is smouldering hot and intense passion and at turns sweet and sad also.


Caleb has returned to town due to his dad’s ill-health. He has been working on various ranches and is quite glad to be home. When he rocks up to the cafe on Valentines night, he doesn’t expect to see the sweet but Sexy Cora.

Cora is smart and determined to get out of her hometown. She lusted after Caleb in school, but he barely noticed her as she was the smart freshman in his Senior classes. But he definitely sees her now. They decide to make this a night to remember and they sneak off to a makeout spot and he literally rocks her world.

She’s off to college in a few months and whilst she won’t miss small town life too much, she may just regret Caleb walking into her life when they only have a short time together.

I loved that although they are both young, they are very sure of what they want and where their priorities lie. They make their long distance love work to a certain extent by not making too much of it to begin with, poor Cora even tries to let him off the hook but Caleb is not going anywhere. I loved the way the couple finally managed to make a plan and get what they both wanted, without anyone losing out on what they wanted/needed. Great read!

Bulletproof Badge (Texas Rangers: Elite Troop #1) by Angi Morgan

This is another new to me author and I’m glad I got the chance to review this high octane, fast paced, bullet dodging adventure at its finest! With sharp snappy dialogue, hero with a killer smile and cocky can-do attitude and a heroine with a stronger backbone than she gives herself credit for.


Garrison, Texas Ranger extraordinaire, is working undercover as a waiter at a Mafia shindig. He’s there to extract some Mafia Wives but before he can get the job done, bullets start flying and his marks end up dead. A Sheer twist of fate prevents there being three dead bodies instead of two.

Kenderly (not so keen on the name I must admit) is the hairstylist of said Mafia wives and invited along to the shindig. When she is cleaning up in the bathroom, the killer strikes and almost executes her too but she is saved by a knight in a tux! As they make their way to safety Kenderly learns who Garrison really is and there begins their intense adventure.

Something for just about everyone to love: warring Mafia Clans, corrupt cops, handsome heroes and snarky, witty repartee between our hero/ine. Whilst Kenderly is clearly out of her depth she is more than willing to get stuck in and save her handsome hero, even whilst he’s doing his best to get her OUT of trouble!

I read this in one sitting and am really looking forward to the others in the series!

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