Margaret, is the daughter of one of the Vegas Alphas. She has made her own way in the world and is now one of the VIP Hostesses at a large casino. She is happy her friend Sam has found love but worries that she’ll never find her one. But when she meets the best man at Sam’s wedding she is left reeling. She can’t be feeling the meting fever with him..he’s a Bear. If she’s learned one thing it’s that Bears tens to be the precursor to trouble!


At 6’11” Scott is heads above most other men but this shifter soldier is looking for a quiet life. He retired from the Army the same time Chase did. He’s planning on renovating the ramshackle property on his land into an Inn and enjoying the solitude. He did not expect to find his mate was a wolf. Their strong pack animals and unlike Bears are happier when around family. She is never going to be happy with him in the middle of nowhere in the Tetons!

But after a frankly hysterical first meeting, Margaret realises she is being stalked and it’s not her dad she turns to but Scott! Her wolf obviously knows something that her human half is not ready to admit yet. With the machinations afoot to trace the Demakis Alpha and undertake a coup, Margaret and Scott find themselves in the midst of shifter civil war.

This book picks up right where the first book left off. It’s fast paced and full of twisty turns that engage your brain and characters that engage your feelings. Scott is endearing as the Alpha with a heart who gets more than he bargains for in his mate. Margaret may not be as lonely as she thinks in her new life (no spoilers here!) With witty dialogue and snappy repartee I can’t wait to get to the next one now!