The Phoenix Adventures continue!!!! The Phoenix’s are more background characters this time as Honor is a security agent under Nera Darc. Working with the IHP she is part of a team who return to Markaria in search of the lost ships from Earth. Whilst there Colm, a warrior who is friends with Aurina and Kavon, is entranced by this warrior female. Females on his planet have all kinds of responsibilities but few have taken up the warrior life.


Honor is doing her best to ignore the pull she feels to Colm but Colm loves a good hunt!!! But when the danger increases when they go off world to a nearby moon Honor has to admit that the hulking barbarian is the right man in the right place at the right time.

A strong female warrior in her own right, she is never really intimidated by anything except the allure of the hulking warrior. She is used to her mere presence putting men off but Colm just finds her more intriguing. I loved Colm. He’s an Alpha to the core but he’s more than happy that Honor is capable of fending for herself (doesn’t stop him trying to protect her though). This series just never gets old and it continually evolves into a larger world of Sci Fi fabulousness!! Action, adventure, highly charged passion and characters that you love to love!