I loved The Sedona Files series and they led me to the Cleopatra Hill Series, which of course I stated reading mid series! They are set in roughly the same area and I felt right at home in the landscape I have come to know well through the books.


Jenny’s witch talent is not what you would call practical, hence the title. Being able to catch random glimpses into the lives of all those around you isn’t really something I’d wish for. Colin is one of the reporters who covered the story of the “kidnapping” of Jenny’s cousin and subsequent murder of her sister. When a witness comes forward after recovering some memory of that night, he is intrigued with the story. He’s very much a straight arrow and hates that thought of lying his way into crashing a wedding but he really wants to get to the truth. He certainly did not expect to be entranced by the bridesmaid!

Jenny knows he is a civilian but she decides she needs a bit of normal tonight. Their one-nighter feels wrong and both decide to continue seeing each other after the wedding. But as they are drawn deeper and Colin learns more than he should, courtesy of a VERY friendly ghost, Jenny feels her control on the situation slipping. When her power clicks on at a most inopportune time, she feels that nothing Colin has told her is true, after all he met her under false pretences.

Fabulously well written. Loving characters who feel the full range of emotions and are susceptible to the same pitfalls in love as we mere civilians. I loves seeing some past history put to rights and I;m hoping that the “friendly ghost” comes back in another book!

I’m now chomping for Strange Magic which is out later in the year. I’m just loving this crazy, mixed up, emotionally charged extended family! P>S I really hope Colin’s sister kicks the odious hubby to the kerb!