James Bond has lost his place as my favourite British spy!!! Malone is smouldering, searing alpha man on a stick!!! Passion, intrigue, adventure and blackmailing CIA agents all combine into a wonderful read.


We’ve met Malone a few times in other books in the series as a kind of back up character, with just a glimpse of what was to come. He is ex-SAS and all smartmouth!!! He’s not happy to be babysitting his boss’ daughter, she is the most boring woman in the world.

Abby enjoys her work at a Ukrainian orphanage, even if it is a cover for her CIA work. No one knows she is a covert agent, not even her family. But lately she has the feeling she is being watched but she can’t find any trace of a tail. When he manages to wangle a way to meet her and see what she is upto, he didn’t expect it to lead to a hot as heck interlude in an alley!

But when trouble looms, she blackmails him into helping her out and finding out what the Russians are up to on the border. There may be pro Russian sympathisers loose and with patchy technology tethering her to the outside world, Abby is upto her neck in it.

Abby was a bit hard to like at first. She was all “independent woman don’t need anyone” but was quick to threaten Malone with Daddy when he didn’t jump to her tune. I could also find no reason why she was so easy to jump to the wrong idea about Malone. Malone on the other hand was really funny and put upon! He was an ass but a very nice one, even though he hid it under a whole lot of naughtiness!!!!

Felt it was well paced and loved the little epilogue, I love seeing what characters get up to after the initial dust settles. Can’t wait for the next – I do hope Malone and Abby pop up again.