Wolf Shifter Trey Dixon is fresh off his cousins ranch. He’s on his way back to the East Coast and a new job. But what better way to blow off some steam than by visiting Sin City? He’s learned Poker in the bunkhouse but when he hits a very lucky streak he can’t believe his luck, especially when a certain green eyed vision becomes his good luck charm!

But when he wakes the next morning with a beyond-a-hangover headache and watches his lucky charm plummet from the balcony he has a feeling he’s in a worldclass cluster!

Kaya Proulx is a dragon shifter with a wad of family problems. Her sister has got herself in tow with some supernatural creeps and now needs her freedom to be bought. Kaya doesn’t have the money and resorts to attempting to steal it. She didn’t plan on sleeping with her mark but she did him a favour didn’t she? She led him away from the fighting pits he was about to get himself landed in. But when she makes off with his hard won cash she can’t help the stab of pain in her heart. He was just a one night stand – wasn’t he?

But when her well laid plans go off the rails and Trey tracks her down, can she let the hunky wolf into her plan? Will he cut and run or will their connection bring him into her plan?


I loved this series. Trey is an off shoot character from the Twin Moon Ranch series which I love!! Kaya is the adorable wannabe thief who is not very well organised when it comes to keeping contact info and her phone on her person when she needs it! Trey is wonderfully laid back as the mark who unwittingly ends up with more than he bargained for! With nasty gargoyles, bloodsucker bookies (in more ways than one) this a fab romp through the underbelly of Vegas!