Cole is the last of these hunky shifter bear brothers to find his mate. He was hired to protect actress (and bear shifter) Amberly. She was being stalked by an unknown quantity and he decided the best place to hide her out was at a distant relatives home that she had inherited in his hometown. He didn’t expect to be drawn to her though. She is nothing like the high maintenance, prima donna he expected.

But when explosives are delivered to her new hideaway and only sheer luck protects her and Cole, she loses it! But with her rising star firmly shackled to a new movie, she learns that the production crew won;t wait for her and recast an up and comer in her role! She wants to head back to Hollywood but this stalker has other ideas!


She and Cole can feel the mate bond but Amberley is sure that she is way too much trouble. He lives in the boonies and she’s a starlet. Their worlds don’y usually mix. There are great red herrings as to who the stalker is. The rapport between the leads is electric and I just wanted the book to be longer.

I really hope that we can see these characters again in another book – maybe babies of the bear shifters!!!!