Nicole, sister of Zane from book 1, is rolling back to Regret Hollow for his wedding to Julieanne. She understands that he is trying to establish a relationship with their reformed alcoholic father, but that doesn’t mean she has to. When her car breaks down and a cop comes to her rescue, she doesn’t realise that it’s her ex!!!

Wyatt Truman, brother of Julianne, can’t believe his eyes when he finds Nicole stranded at the side of the road. He is filled with shame over the way he treated her in high school. he essentially used her to get revenge on Zane but hated himself as soon as he’d done it. Now is the time to make amends, if only Nicole would give him the time of day!

But will Nicole dish some of her own revenge by using Wyatt as a wedding fling and then leaving him like he abandoned her? Or will she see that there is more to Regret Hollow than shattered dreams and false promises?


Wyatt has a lot of making up to do! I really hated what he’d done to Nicole but the fact that he felt instant regret calmed my ire slightly. The irony seemed totally lost on him that he had just done what he accused Zane of doing! Nicole is now a strong, independent woman and she hates that fact that Wyatt makes her become that needy teen again. I loved the redemption and reconnection between these two. Great read and want more now pls.