Lydia and Jason are just about the perfect couple. They’ve had their ups and downs over the years but have always come through it together. On the eve of their wedding they are having a get together with family and friends when tragedy strikes. Instead of being on their honeymoon Lydia is now coming to terms with the loss of her sister and the sudden responsibility for small children. She had resigned herself to not having any children as Jason was so set against them. But will she have the heart to leave him now or will the children break through his no-kids-barrier?

Jason is not quite the heartless man you think! He has his reasons and his pride but due to his staunch stance on no kids, no wonder poor Lydia ends up worrying herself sick. She has a lot of problems to deal with and she takes everything in her stride but she does begin to lose herself as she endeavours to make life perfect for her nieces and nephews. As Jason’s reasons for not having children becomes clearer you can see how he’s painted himself into a corner and no longer knows how to come clean and admit why kids were such an issue for him.


I loved the glimpses of the new family’s life and loved that real life was portrayed, sticky fingers, disasters in the kitchen and the new dog in the family all make for some funny moments too. The emotional roller-coaster is intense and the strong sense of family is felt throughout. I loved the future glimpse in the epilogue – what a turnaround!!!!! Fabulous, warmhearted read. Now I have to buy the rest of the series!!!